What Is a Business Coach?

The job of coaching business owners is different for each client we work with, depending on what type of help they need — whether it’s identifying their efficiency pitfalls, improving productivity, managing time better, or setting and achieving goals.

Poor Business Practices Drag You Down

Running a business is hard. Even though you are an expert in the service or product you provide to customers, you might need help to run your business efficiently. Don’t let poor business practices rob you of the joy of running your own company the way you want to, providing the services and products you want to.

When to Hire a Business Coach

Now is better than later! When you’re floundering, not meeting your goals, and losing your direction, it’s time to get some help.

The Forbes 2017 article “Five Signs You Need a Business Coach” cites the following research. Among small business owners who have taken this step:

  • 70% have seen increased work performance
  • 86% have seen a return on investment
  • 99% of entrepreneurs were happy that they made the decision to hire a business coach

Take Action!

Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation, read more about our business coaching services, or read our relevant blog posts below to get inspired!

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