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Susan Tollefson, Marin County Business Coach & Consultant

Bringing Corporate Experience to Small Business Owners

Susan Tollefson, Business CoachSusan gained her insights through more than 20 years’ experience overseeing key projects for corporations such as Fireman’s Fund and American Express. By working with IT to automate processes, she saved Advanced Fibre Communications more than a half-million dollars. Outside the office, she continued to keep her business management skills on the cutting edge through education and independent study. In 2004, Susan decided to bring the skills she gained through her corporate success to help small and independent businesses. The result was Inside Out Business Systems.

American Express
Fireman's Fund
Advanced Fibre Communications
Inside Out Business Systems

What I Do

I am a business coach and consultant, specializing in time management, goal setting, and strategic planning. I help my clients’ clarify their business vision and develop action plans and systems to achieve their goals. I provide a range of services including online productivity courses, personal coaching and workshops. See Services for details!

Who I Work With

Typical clients are small business owners and independent professionals with service businesses. Some of my clients include CPA firms, landscaping companies, IT professionals, acupuncturists, bookkeepers, therapists, realtors, photographers, life coaches, graphic designers, event planners and web developers.

People with these characteristics are a good fit for my services:

  • They feel stuck because they have a bigger vision for their business, but aren’t clear on how to realize it.
  • They are frustrated and overwhelmed with the amount of energy it takes to operate their business in crisis mode and are looking for a different approach.
  • They frequently encounter obstacles that derail them from following through with their intentions.
  • They place high value in building relationships and are committed to getting things done.

What Makes Me Unique

I am truly invested in my clients’ success! I include a combination of strategic planning, accountability and working on specific tasks together in coaching sessions, because this approach moves my clients forward faster.


Clients tell me I have the unique ability to bring a calming quality plus a laser focus to our sessions that helps me help them find solutions.

My business is all about creating focus for your business.

Free Consultation

If you would like a free 30-minute consultation, contact me at susan@insideoutbiz.com to learn more about how IOBS works with you to help you grow your business by setting concrete goals, implementing effective business strategies and increasing your efficiency.

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