Daily Habits

Did you know that your productivity is directly related to your daily habits? For instance, you may start your day with an idea of what you want to accomplish, but if you aren’t in the habit of deliberately planning your day, you are more likely to get distracted and lose focus. Your ingrained habits affect your productivity without your even noticing.

You may think that it’s difficult to determine exactly what you can change and where to start. However, there are specific actions you can take that will increase your level of productivity right now.

Set Your Intentions

One of the most powerful habits you can easily adopt is proactively planning your day. This will set your intentions, help you stay focused and keep your goals top of mind.

Practice this one simple action and immediately learn how habits affect your productivity postively with intentional planning!

Action for the Week: Set Aside Time to Plan

Schedule 15 – 30 minutes each day on your calendar (first thing in the a.m. or the night before is ideal).

Additional Tip: It’s helpful to put your existing commitments on your calendar first to get a realistic idea of how much time you have left to accomplish other things.