Client Success Stories

Hear about some of our clients’ success stories below. We hope to help you create your own!

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Patrice E.
5 star rating

When it came to hiring new staff I found that the new employee would present as they advertised themselves for a few months, but in the end their performance would... read more

Abigail G.

I learned some good, new, approaches from Susan that have helped me, even though I was already pretty good at time and project management. Susan helped me focus, develop clear... read more

Dave A.

We are a Landscape Design Build company in Marin County. Over the years in our business, we have run into many challenges, including limitations to growth, project and time management,... read more

William M.
William's Auto Care

Susan helped me define my business goals and kept me accountable in achieving them. I have learned techniques from her to help me stay organized and on track.

Ray M.
Principal Consultant, Prepared Bay Area

As a new business person my productivity has been dramatically improved by working with Susan on my business systems and time management. What I had not expected is how much... read more

Michelle C.

Susan's goal setting program really helped me get focused! Now I have a plan and a clear course of action for my business.

Linda B.
5 star rating

I could be a case study for a person who thought that running a business was just about being the best at what they do, honing their skills and delivering... read more

Sheri H.

Susan's time management program is life-changing! I learned that I was not using my time as effectively as I thought I was. Holding myself accountable allowed me to take a... read more

Lorraine G.

I have followed David Allen's productivity system off and on for years. Consistency eluded me until I started working with Susan. Her program is deceptively simple and flexible. Now, following... read more

Garry B.

Susan has helped me save time and become more efficient in running my business. In addition, she set up systems for me to make it easier to focus on my... read more

David F.

Susan helped me get strategic about where I want to go with my small business. She helped me identify and move toward goals, and helped me figure out what I... read more

Rita H.

Before I started working with Susan I was feeling overwhelmed, managing a lot of projects, and was challenged by my timelines. I was also very tired and on the edge... read more

Laurie-Anne K.

When I hired Susan I was struggling to stay with projects long enough to succeed with them and starting to fear that I might never have the success I was... read more

Laura K.

I wanted to set goals for my business, but didn't have a good system that worked for me. Susan's Success through Goal-Setting course made the process easy and painless. Now... read more

Steven M.

I was feeling disorganized and was finally ready to set some goals. After taking Susan's Success through Goal-Setting course, I am more focused and clear about where I want to... read more


I was feeling stuck and frustrated with my business. After working with Susan, I am now clear on my goals and my action plans, and my daily time management has... read more

Bridget M.

I felt constantly overwhelmed and had a mindset of scarcity. From the very first day of following Susan's system, that was transformed. I was able to see all that I... read more