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Join me for a business coaching event to learn more about how you can be more productive and thrive in the business you’re building!

Create Your Schedule for Success Workshop
Wednesday, June 15th, 12 Noon – 1 PM PDT

Life isn’t all about work! By focusing your day on what matters most to you, you can accomplish what you need to and bring yourself joy with time management at the same time. Learn how to proactively plan your schedule to maximize your time, so it’s possible to move toward a better quality of life.
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Create your schedule for success!

5 Keys to Boost Your Productivity
& Your Bottom Line

Get your business running like a fine-tuned machine!

  • Find inefficiencies that are costing you time & money
  • Learn strategies to increase productivity right now
  • Unlock opportunities to instantly boost your bottom line

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5 Keys to boost Your bottom Line

Master Your Calendar Workshop

Learn how to organize your time to reach your goals faster and easier, using your calendar to create your personal road map. Identify time-wasting activities and find ways to free up your time for better work/life balance. Get new tools and resources.

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Master your calendar

Goal Setting for Success Workshop

If your goals have shifted in these challenging times, you are not alone! Learn how to adapt and create a new plan.

  • Learn my proven 5-step system to achieve your goals
  • Create a road map with clear, actionable steps
  • Learn how to stay on track!

Sorry, registration for this workshop is closed.

Create your schedule for success!