Are you one of the many people who wake up feeling anxious and overwhelmed thinking about the busy day ahead? If so, it helps to remember that you are not alone! We all have busy lives and demands on our time. And even though overwhelm can leave you feeling stuck, it doesn’t have to hold you back from achieving your goals.

While there is no one solution that will change things overnight, there are some simple things you can do to reduce anxiety and overwhelm in your day-to-day life.

Starting your day with a plan to help you focus is a good place to start, It’s very easy to implement and can provide you with some relief from overwhelm right away.

Create a Daily Plan

Follow these 3 steps to create your daily plan:

  1. Schedule 15 minutes of planning time a day (first thing in the morning or the night before is ideal).
  2. Review your to-do list and select the 3 most important tasks you want to focus on for the day.
  3. Schedule each of those 3 tasks on your calendar at a specific time. It’s helpful to estimate how long you think each task will take to complete before scheduling. Also, it’s a good idea to add at least 50% more time than you think you’ll need (things tend to take longer than you plan for).
    And that’s it! Taking the time to plan your day will not only help you focus, it will create momentum for you to continue working towards your goals.

Pace Yourself

Remember, there will always be things that have to wait until tomorrow, so stay focused on what you want to accomplish today and not what is left to be done.

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Take Action!

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