Did you know that everyone has their own personal time management style? Your style has a strong influence on your approach to managing your time and getting things done. Therefore, it’s helpful to understand those influences and take them into consideration in order to maximize your productivity.

There are 5 common time management styles. Find the one that best describes you to gain some insight on how you can get things done more efficiently.

Style #1: Lose focus easily and trouble finishing what you start

You like things to move quickly, so you have a tendency to jump from one task to another, which decreases your focus and your productivity. Distractions and interruptions are a frequent occurrence as well.

Solution: Consider blocking off as much time as possible first thing in the morning to work on your most important tasks. Don’t allow yourself to focus on anything else during this time (email, phone, etc). In addition, try tracking your time for a day and see how many times you are distracted or interrupted. Chances are you’ll see some opportunities to improve your productivity.

Style #2: Difficulty making decisions:

When faced with many choices, you have trouble making decisions and often put things off. You may be afraid that you are making the wrong decision or you aren’t clear about what you want.

Solution: Start by evaluating your goals and your priorities. When you are clear about what you want, it becomes easier to make decisions. Also, asking for advice from others is an option. Paying attention to how you feel about your choices can help guide you as well.

Style #3: Waiting until the last minute to start things

You are often motivated to get things done in high pressure situations. When you wait until the last minute to start things, you may not be putting forth your best effort. You are also susceptible to a higher level of stress.

Solution: Try breaking projects down into smaller pieces to get an idea of the overall scope. It’s also a good idea to assign some deadlines. If you are waiting for inspiration to start working on a project, try setting a timer for 10 minutes. You can give yourself permission to stop after this time has elapsed, but there is a good chance that you will keep going.

Style #4: Get stuck in the details and doing things perfectly

You have very high standards and may be spending too much time perfecting your work. This leads to the assumption that you will never have enough time to get things done according to your high expectations.

Solution: Consider giving less energy to low priority activities (delegating could be an option). Instead take some time to figure out your top priorities and dedicate your time to those things that you know are the most productive.

Style #5: Don’t like details

You have a lot of new ideas and like focusing on the “bigger picture”. However, when it comes to implementing, you have issues with follow through, and losing or forgetting things.

Solution: Start capturing things to do by keeping a notebook, using an app or a recorder. It’s important that all of your tasks are in one place, where you can see them, so avoid using Post-it’s and writing things down on separate pieces of paper. It may also be beneficial for you to find an accountability partner to help you keep track of the details.

Take Action!

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