Balance and Boundaries


Balance One of my favorite quotes about balance is by Betsy Jacobson. She says: "Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management." In essence, she reminds us that we must take measures to protect [...]

Balance and Boundaries2017-12-24T18:46:10-08:00

Is Paper Clutter Ruining Your Life?


Waste of Time While there are many things that contribute to effective time management, the ability to find information quickly is at the top of the list when it comes to maximizing your productivity. That being said, [...]

Is Paper Clutter Ruining Your Life?2017-12-24T18:56:40-08:00

Get Your To-Do List in Shape!


We have all been there. Our to-do list never seems to end and we see the same tasks over and over that never get done. It's so frustrating! What's important to keep in mind here is [...]

Get Your To-Do List in Shape!2018-02-03T21:56:12-08:00
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