So Much To Do

Many people start each day with a long list of things to do – believing they will somehow have the time to get everything done. But you know how it is. Despite your best intentions, interruptions and distractions happen, tasks have a tendency to take longer than you think, and there are always things that have to be put off until tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to follow a plan of action with a realistic schedule, to help you stay more focused and more productive, too.

Action for the Week: Schedule Recurring Commitments

Start by putting recurring commitments on your calendar first. This forms a foundation; making it clear how much time and energy you have left to accomplish other things.

Once you have your recurring commitments on your calendar, start scheduling your most important tasks at specific times. This allows you to build a realistic schedule and manage your to-do list more effectively. It will soon become apparent whether you actually have time for less important tasks or not as you see those time blocks fill your workday.

Note: It’s ideal to use only one calendar for both your business and personal commitments, to avoid double-booking, etc.