This is typically the time of year to set goals. Does the process of goal setting make you anxious?

Resistance to Goal Setting

We’ve all heard how important it is, yet many of us experience resistance because we may not know how to begin. If the mere mention of setting goals makes you anxious, skip the overwhelming task of making a long list of goals; instead just document your most important goal.

Do One Thing

Doing one thing is always better than doing nothing, so instead of stressing out about making a long list of goals for the year, think about the one thing that will improve your business the most and write it down. This is the first step in the goal-setting process. From there you can break your goal down into manageable pieces. Be sure to assign each action item a deadline. This will make your goal real and help you maintain your focus. Once you complete this exercise it will be easier to add more goals to achieve throughout the year.

Get Started on Your Goals

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