Do you want to reach a new level of success in 2012? Now is the time to review what you’ve accomplished this past year and look ahead to what you want to achieve moving forward. Here are 5 great reasons to set goals now for 2012:

Plan Your Destination

You wouldn’t plan a trip without knowing your destination. Similarly, operating a business without a destination doesn’t make good business sense. Think of setting goals as identifying a destination for your business, and planning the steps to achieve your goals, as a roadmap to get there.

Gain Greater Focus

Once you get clear about where you want to go, it becomes easier to make better business decisions and focus your attention and resources (time and money), in those areas that align with your goals.

Get Motivated

Setting goals is a great source of motivation. When you start achieving what you commit to doing, you’ll experience an increased sense of satisfaction as well as a boost in your level of confidence.

Increase Your Income

Simply stated, business owners who set goals are more likely to increase their income than those who don’t.

Challenge Yourself

Setting goals helps you step out of your comfort zone and challenges you to grow. You’ll never know what you’re capable of, if you don’t make the effort.