About Susan Tollefson

Susan Tollefson is a business consultant and coach with over 20 years of experience overseeing key projects for large corporations. She brings that background of corporate success and enthusiasm for helping business owners thrive without sacrificing their quality of life. Susan is located in Marin County but has happy clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Get Your To-Do List in Shape!


We have all been there. Our to-do list never seems to end and we see the same tasks over and over that never get done. It's so frustrating! What's important to keep in mind here is [...]

Get Your To-Do List in Shape!2018-02-03T21:56:12-08:00

Is It Time To Delegate?


The sheer number of tasks a business owner must do every day can be overwhelming. I know many who are working long hours and managing long to-do lists to keep their business afloat. Yet they hesitate [...]

Is It Time To Delegate?2018-02-03T22:00:53-08:00

It’s OK To Say No


Most of us are faced with numerous obligations every day that demand our attention. And sometimes it feels like we don't have a choice in where we spend our time. You may hesitate to say no [...]

It’s OK To Say No2018-02-03T22:33:53-08:00

Create a Flexible Schedule


Although it may seem like a good idea to create a tight schedule, it's not always a realistic approach. It might look fine on your calendar, but a flexible schedule will give you more room to [...]

Create a Flexible Schedule2018-02-05T12:10:45-08:00

Plan Your Day


Planning a daily schedule will jump-start your day and increase your level of productivity by helping you get organized, stay focused and keep your goals top of mind. Plan your day to set your intentions, to [...]

Plan Your Day2018-02-05T12:38:32-08:00

3 Steps to Ease Overwhelm


If you are one of the many people who wake up feeling anxious and overwhelmed thinking about the busy day ahead, try taking these 3 simple steps to help ease into your day: 1. Planning Schedule [...]

3 Steps to Ease Overwhelm2017-12-23T18:36:10-08:00

Ever Regretted Saying “Yes”?


Don't Immediately Commit Have you ever committed your time to something and regretted it later? Sometimes we commit to things without fully realizing how this decision will impact our day-to-day lives. This is a common scenario for [...]

Ever Regretted Saying “Yes”?2017-12-23T18:36:17-08:00

Does Goal Setting Make You Anxious?


This is typically the time of year to set goals. Does the process of goal setting make you anxious? Resistance to Goal Setting We've all heard how important it is, yet many of us experience resistance [...]

Does Goal Setting Make You Anxious?2020-01-30T22:20:16-08:00

3 Ways to Save Time


The key to saving time is to observe how you choose to use it. That being said, tracking your time for several days in a row is the fastest way to identify places where you may [...]

3 Ways to Save Time2017-12-23T18:36:37-08:00
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